Stop using MS PowerPoint for AI presentations

What if I told you that you can put gifs and media easily from the web. I mean, just by copy-pasting, focusing on your content instead of the structure. Embedding code or plots, graphs, and charts newer were so easy.

Disclaimer: I’m not paid to talk about this web.

An example of what can you do is presented in the embedding below

Well, the website to do all of this is called Paste and was developed by the team of WeTransfer, a website to share files easily without the need register. For free accounts they allow you to create 3 “decks”/presentations.

Plans and pricing of Paste shown below

But, let’s check a look at what can we do with Paste

First of all, you can create a theme for your decks, If you want to add a logo of your organization to any page, you can get it there. Then, you can “Invite team members” to develop the deck in real-time. Thus, you can create groups to manage the permission on each deck.

Including Plotly or any other framework, you worked on your AI research. If can be embedded, Paste will handle that thing.

Yes, you can interact with the data in your presentations. Finally, think about the time that you spend doing some stuff of design of your presentation versus the time you spend creating the content.

I hope that this tool is useful for you. Thanks for reading.



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