How to play Minecraft on Android for all version listed

There’s a launcher called “PojavLauncher” that allows you to run Minecraft Java Edition from 1.7.10 to 1.11 and, coming soon, 1.12 & 1.12.2 under development.

What can I do with this Launcher?

  • Connect to external servers for free.
  • Change version of Minecraft.
  • Run Optifine.
  • Change graphic configs.

Which versions?

Check the version available per the Android version in the chart below by the latest version of PojavLauncher (v2.5.3) Check more info here

How to download from the official site?

Well, the “.apk” file is hosted on Github. You need to download it from there.

What’s Github?

It’s a code repository, well known as a base of open-source projects: preferred by developers.

How to download from Github?

As an environment for developers, Github doesn’t have a big button that says “Download”, instead of that, they have “releases”. These releases are versions of a program based on versions of the program being coded.

  1. Go to the repository clicking here and click on “Releases”

2. When the releases page opens, they will show all that the devs build, pre-releases and releases. The differences are that “Pre-release” is for develops purposes and “last release” is the version that had been tested and works as expected. So, scroll down until you find the latest release with a green rounded box.

3. When you find the latest version, developers usually put a note of that version, but we want to install the “.apk” file, so click on “anyname.apk” and copy to your phone and install them.

If your device asks you for permission for unknowed application, give it the permission, it’s because this app is not listed on Play Store.

To install Optifine

Check this link

General Known issues

There are some issues known independently of the version:

  • Some Huawei devices can’t run Minecraft or OptiFine.
  • Can’t run multiple versions at the same time.
  • V2 will not work on Android 6 and return error ClassNotFoundException.


Join their Discord server, they may help you with other not listed issues.

Disclaimer: Each one is responsible for the use or functionality of the program. I have not had problems, but in case you think something bad happens, do not hesitate to contact their support.




Autodidact, Bac. Mechatronic Engineering. I’m on Github, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Medium. Dreaming the next 50 years of Perú.

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Pablo Díaz

Pablo Díaz

Autodidact, Bac. Mechatronic Engineering. I’m on Github, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Medium. Dreaming the next 50 years of Perú.

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